★ Tyler Kirk Films ★ 3D First R1 footage

footage after tyler got his first motorcycle ★ Tyler Kirk Films ★

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Kawasaki H2 Street Races 1200HP Supra - R1M and Turbo zx-14r bonus footage!
Finally had the pleasure to see the H2 in action! Modification details below. Kawasaki Ninja H2: Ecu flash Full Exhaust Lowered 200lb rider 1995 Toyota Supra mods: 46psi 1100+WHP(1200+ crank hp) -3.0L built by Real Street Performance -Manley internals - Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft -Hypertune Race Intake Manifold/90mm TB -PHR S45 Billet collector Exhaust manifold -PHR Triple Walbro fuel system -Porting solutions built/ported head -Precision GT42 7675 DBB -AEM V2 -2200cc Siemens injectors -Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Disc clutch 2015 Yamaha R1M: -Adjustable cam sprockets -Akrapovic full Exhaust -Carbon wheels -Mild head work (thinner head gasket to increase compression and cleaned up head port) -Custom tune -155lb rider -Pump gas turbo ZX-14R: mods unknown 350whp 200lb rider

Motorcycle Chase w Patrol Airplane by ★Tyler Kirk Films★ 3D
Please do not attempt this. I am now a responsible rider. DO NOT REPEAT ★Tyler Kirk Films★

THE BEST HILLARIOUS MOTORCYCLE COMPILATION Here is the good big special compilation falls and accidents in motorcycle! Dozens of good big mess tins in scooter, in motocross, it stunt or in big capacity. There is a AMAZING BONUS at the end ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- SUBSCRIBE : ⇒ http://goo.gl/X73hmn ⇐ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- THANK YOU !!! IF YOU WATCH,LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT !! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- YOUTUBE PARTNERS : GHOST RIDER FARMER: Youtube Channel: https://goo.gl/h5X3QD Twitter: https://goo.gl/4Roy9a Facebook: https://goo.gl/rbr5Pt VK: http://goo.gl/T0zwty --------------------------------------------- GERARD MARTIN: Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/jBNZYk Twitter: http://goo.gl/8b2TMt Facebook: http://goo.gl/EPxRgQ Google+ : http://goo.gl/ToKaiO --------------------------------------------- MEDIA CHANNEL NEWS : Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/bKesDU Twitter: http://goo.gl/H7ZLw6 Facebook: http://goo.gl/XXjSD7 Google+ : http://goo.gl/SWIjNY

Extreme R1 Drift
Video produced exclusively by Tyler Kirk Films