2010 SCCA Runoffs GT3 Race

Jim Hargrove racing to 9th from last at the 2010 SCCA Runoffs. Electrical problems kept shutting the engine off through the race, but I was able to restart it each time by cycling the master swtich. Brand new 2010 Honda Civic Coupe on debut at the Runoffs.

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2010 SCCA Runoffs GT3 Champion
Race-Keeper on board video from the 2010 SCCA Championship Runoffs GT3 Champion

2014 Seattle SCCA Majors crash during qualifying.
Skip ahead to 3:50 to just view the crash - Jim. 5 cars down the hill into turn 3 at Seattle's Pacific Raceway during Saturday Qualifying. First two tangle and I get caught in the mess. Biggest crash of my life. The strength of the chassis after we converted it to tube frame probably protected me from a major injury. Thanks to my mechanic Dan Watt and Rod Nielsen of Hot Rod's Restos for building such a good car.

2009 Runoffs GT2
Start of the GT2 race from Road America. Mark J Porsche # 2. Started 8th finished 2nd.

SCCA National Championships "The Runoffs" GT2 incar cam
Porsche 928 S4 in car cam at the Runoffs. race ended short after a rear swaybar cut the fuel pump ground wire. too bad, we had a near top 10 finish locked up. Lots of folks had problems this week. That's racing!