Midnight Club LA Tutorial How To Do Mitsubishi Eclipse

I don't recommend this tutorial to people who are seeing this video on a hand held device because you cant see the annotations. I also don't recommend this tutorial for rookies (people who don't know how to copy and paste vinyl's, people who ask for the vinyl shape even though I tell them on the annotations which drives me mad by the way, PEOPLE WHO RELY WAY TO MUCH ON THE LAYER OPTIONS, people who have never worked with vinyl's, people who lack common sense ect... And yes i f you say "All of the measurements are wrong you did not use your measurements blah blah blah..." you are a rookie. IMPORTANT READ !!!! SAVE YOUR GAME WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR SOME TIME because the game might freeze on you it has happened to me and other people failure to do so will result in you smashing your controller or throwing it at your T.V JK. NOTE: Some people have said that their game has frozen when they try to copy and paste all the vinyl's to the other side of the car. You can save your game by exiting out of the garage. IMPORTANT: The layer options I give you are there to help/guide you. Unfortunately this does not mean that just because i give you the layer options your car is going to end up looking exactly like mine. Again let me clarify about the vinyl's not being accurate, I know some vinyl's "don't line up" even though you copied the layer options i gave you this is because MCLA vinyl editing program does not calculate small vinyl movements when it comes to small numbers from 10 to 0 AND ITS NOT because i gave you the wrong measurements. Anyway, when you feel that the vinyl you just copied based on the layer options i gave you is really off, feel free to tweak it. it is your job to perfect them try to make them as close to mine that is why there are pictures of each individual vinyl(which i color) so you can look at the size shape and position it is in . Every car my very depending on the user the more perfect or eager you are the more likely your car will turn up like mine. NOTE: Scale Width, Scale Hight, and sometimes Rotations can be inaccurate. But the most inaccurate ones are Scale Width and Scale Hight so look out for those especially for the low numbers from 10 to 0 for example if there is a vinyl whose layer option is Scale Hight: 10 or below it is likely to be more inaccurate than a higher number. Just don't over think this to much. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE A TUTORIAL over a specific car, you guys don't know how much time i have to put in to make a tutorial and how stressful it is to add the annotations. The Fast And The Furious car tutorials i decide to make are based on how complex or long the vinyl is. Enjoy!!! Songs 1st Your Way by NetSky 2nd Hey (Nah Nah Nah) by Milk & Sugar Vs Vaya Con Dios

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