twin turbo lamborghini murcielago drag race

lamborghini murcielago

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Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo built by Underground Racing
Underground Racing raises the bar once again in the exotic tuning market. Introducing the Ferrari 458 Italia Twin turbo. Equipped with Underground Racing's Stage 1 twin turbo system, this Italian horse stomps out an amazing 700 rear-wheel horsepower on pump 93 octane fuel.

Ford GT Twin Turbo vs 7175 Toyota Supra
View from the Ford GT's goPro, supercharged and twin turbo 1100 hp Ford GT racing a Toyota Supra with a single turbo 7175. Check out for chroming and polishing services and for the latest supra race videos and pictures. Good fun!

Underground Racing Twin Turbo Murcielago BLOWS at COTA
UGR Murcielago blows (what appears to be) coolant line. right after filming stopped it pulled off and was billowing white smoke.

Lamborghini Twin Turbo Murcielago Acceleration Built by Saad Racing!
Saad Racing Built Lamborghini Murcielago Twin turbo. Makes 1200 HP on the Stock Engine, on e85. ------------------------------------------------- SAADRACING.COM PROEFI.COM