2004-2005 Saturn Ion & Vue MP3 Radio in 2000-2002 Saturn S-Series

This video demonstrates a Saturn MP3-capable factory/OEM radio from a 2004-2005 Saturn Ion & Vue installed into a 2000-2002 Saturn S-Series. This radio requires modifying the factory radio plug. but otherwise fits/operates perfectly in the following Saturns: 2000-2002 S-Series, 2000-2005 L-Series, 2002-2003 Vue, and 2003 Ion. It is also a plug and play swap for 2004-2005 Saturn Ion and Vue that don't already have it since it was optional from Saturn for those years & models. Here is a link to the instructions: http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161684&page=2

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How to set the clock on a Saturn car radio
Your clock is always wrong. You rent or borrow a car and that clock is wrong. Either you and everyone you know and rent from are idiots or you just need simple guidance. I'm not judgmental so you can figure that part out. For my part I'll figure out setting clocks in cars. We all have our bailiwick. Since you no longer have an excuse I expect you to be on time however. Okay a little judgmental.

Saturn Ion Radio Removal
Warning: Always disable the airbags before working in the vicinity of the steering wheel, instrument panel. Caution: On models equipped with a theft deterrent radio,make sure you have the correct activation code, or the theft deterrent system is turned off, before disconnecting the battery.

saturn ion aux. in FM modulator
Description : Saturn '05 ion , $30.00 "I simple" IS31 FM modulator auxiliary input with $2.60 30 pin ipod dock connector. Charges and plays well. Cell phone holder also accommodates ipod.

My 2005 Saturn ion redline
Just me showing my car.