Lt1 Camaro exhaust drivebys

LT1 Camaro with SLP Loudmouth catback Exhaust. Motor is stock. Only mods are the Catback and an LPE Cai

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Flowmaster vs Magnaflow: LT1 Camaro
Here is a comparison video of 2 popular Exhausts for LT1 Camaros. Mods on the car are Ported Heads, Shorty Headers, ORY pipe, flowmaster catback with a magnaflow muffler and more but those dont contribute to sound.

Z28 Camaro LT1 SLP Loudmouth
1995 Chevy Camaro Z28 with an LT1. Cat delete and SLP loudmouth Exhaust. Video does not do justice!

camaro lt1 vs mustang v8
perikles's Camaro lt11 vs Mustang v8

LT1 Camaro bolt-ons (before and after)
50hp gain to your LT1 with easy bolt-on mods... Exhaust, Cold-Air Kit, Chip and Underdrive Crank Pulley... and the 6-speed models will do even better. Old LT1 footage, shot many years ago... shows just how easy it is to produce a solid 300hp @ the wheels, if this were the 6-speed version, it would most likely pulled 300hp @ the wheels. After tweaks and adjustments, the owner ran a 13.1 second 1/4 mile time. Produced by John (Trae) King @ nedaCFilms, &