Corvette Daytona Prototype On Track at Daytona

See the unveiling of the new Corvette Daytona Prototype followed by shots from the car's first laps on track in advance of the 2012 Rolex 24 At Daytona.

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Corvette DP 1st Laps.m4v
The very 1st laps of the Corvette DP car. Antonio Garcia driving at Daytona International Speedway. 16th Nov 2011.

Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette Daytona Prototype Roar 2016
Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette Daytona Prototype Roar 2016 Wayne Taylor Racing Ricky Taylor and jordan taylor presented by Fansofthe12hours The WeatherTech Sports car Series Championship is a passion of our, fans of sports car racing. Please like and subscribe for more fans based car stuff. YouTube Facebook Page Sportscar Racing Videos on Facebook Fans of the United Sports car series on Facebook Twitter Google + s/p/pub Instagram

iRacing : Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype Review
How to move your seat in iRacing : What an oddball car. Certainly not a GT car, certainly not a P2/P1 prototype. Nimble, yet still a boat. Good power, yet so good at putting the power down it feels like a smaller engine than it really is... First off - this car by default has a horrid baseline setup. Understeer all over the place. Not a pleasurable driving experience, I'd suggest running away in terror to the setup shop on the forum or spending the time to fix that yourself before judging this car. Once you get through the setup to get something working it drives pretty nicely. I'd even say this is one of the few cars I've felt comfortable setting up how I want and getting that result - usually cars in iRacing go straight to understeer off the corner or horrendous snap death wiggle if you are lucky oversteer. Worth noting : this car is certainly prone to death wiggles if you get into a corner too hot from certain angles. It's manageable though - I feel like that's probably also on my setup because I like a car that is relatively oversteery. ( The setup in the video is basically 250 lb stiffer rear springs compared to the front, ~45% front downforce balance, .7" rake, 35 power diff ramp, 60 coast ramp) It's typical iRacing on that front, but this car will let you get away with more than many other cars, but you still need to be ready as it will bite your face off ASAP. You can lean on the tires a little more than most cars in iRacing, but remember, this is iRacing and it's a razor's edge of a razor's edge. Aero adjustments seem very powerful - even at low speed. Also worth noting - like the Riley you can select to use dive planes or not. You will probably want these at most tracks (loads more front downforce so you can run more rear downforce) but it's nice to have the option as it can create more diversity in speeds from the setups. The car is very sketchy over raised curbing and large bumps - not unreasonable considering the downforce, ride height, stiffness and fairly limited mechanical grip / the way the tires work. It's straight out of the McLaren 12C GT3 NTMv5 playbook - you will get used to it, you will adjust the setup and refine your dampers to help counter it, but it's always there. That's iRacing for ya - seems like a realistic behavior (in sim racing we abuse curbing like none other to start with), just incredibly exacerbated by iRacing physics. Flat curbing and most bumps aren't problems however. I haven't tested it at Sebring, but I imagine it's less than fun, but certainly doable. The digi dash is cool. I also really find it comical they put "Ground Speed" on it - was someone preparing in case Mark Webber got into one of these things? Traction Control, no ABS. 3 fuel mappings, full on green flag setting, full course yellow and green flag fuel saving maps. Could open up some options in hosted endurance races. To me, the car looks really odd with the shaders. I don't know what it is, but to me it just doesn't look right on track. It's like a really reflective matte finish or something, the cockpit also feels very flat and devoid of shading. No headlight stickers like Spirit of Daytona runs. (not shocking, though it would have been cool to have lol) The Whelen Action Express car is available in the paint shop - it's the middle car in the top row. Cool to see a actual livery included in the paint shop. LED position panels do work, which is pretty nifty. Sounds are totally non representative of the real car. Should be changed in the near future, but again - can't say differently until it happens. Also weird they used the Riley sounds over the Cadillac sounds, considering the real things sound much closer to that car. Do I like the car? Yes. This thing drives like I want to even if it is so... weird because of it's evolution. It will be run in a series that is up my alley on the official side of things. Yea, I'll probably get my use out of it. Is it one of the better cars iRacing has released? Meh. They've done better. That isn't to say avoid the car at all or it's broken / don't buy even if it sounds like what you want, but at least until the sounds get fixed it feels unfinished at the very least. :| I'll put it this way - usually when a new car comes out, the forums explode with "OMG BEST CAR EVER". This is one of the few cars that wasn't the case. Follow me like a stalker! (please dont actually stalk me... duh)

1970 Corvette Stingray C3 WideBody Custom
This is a totally custom Corvette Stingray. If you love the C3 generation Corvette, this is the car for you! It is a widebody, it is drifting on the track, it does burnouts, and it is fast! This is the coolest 70 Vette ever! This Corvette is a built car, as you can tell from the great Exhaust sound! It is cammed and custom built, and almost wrecks on the track several times. This hot Corvette is the one most guys dream of owning. This guy in Europe owns it.