run away diesel?

In this video, as you can see, I push the puel level to a position, the RPM keeps rising, is this so called "run away"?

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Comedy music video of the song "Jerk it out" by The Caesars with a runaway diesel. Original Video: "Rap 24 hp semidiesel, second start attempt." by SveinHaDD. Link: No copyright infringement is intended. This is purely for fun only.

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Music : 1. Ansia Orchestra - Ness 2. KISNOU x Silencyde - The Awakening Our facebook group - Группа канала ВКонтакте - По поводу рекламы писать сюда - Ссылка на мою партнерку - link to the affiliate program - ========================================­===== Programs : Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

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