Shinji Minowa HEY MAN! driftin his ae86 on the street.

HEY MAN! Shinji Minowa givin some of the specs on his hachi and doing some drifting on the street. If you liked the first vid you will love this.

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Shinji Minowa Drifting AE86 on the street
HEY MAN! Shinji drifting his ae86 at pace unreal in car video.

Taniguchi Drift AE86
Part of Tokyo Underground, well the rest is in english ) Taniguchi drifting uphill in AE86 Trueno more then 10 years ago.

Bloopers from FSW Short course 2011.8.26 drift
This is for the second time to race here(last time is Augst 6th 2010).I used "TRD 5speed cross transmission and 5.375 final gear" last time.But I felt the gear ratio of "route6 cross transmission and 4.1 final gear" would be better for this course.So this time I used "ROUTE6 cross transmission" but.........

drift in yokota air base Dec,1998