RADUNO TREBBIATRICI - Mietitura grano con BCS

Mietitura del grano che verrà trebbiato il 22 luglio con 2 TREBBIATRICI presso l'agriturismo "Cà d'Tistu" a Niella Belbo Cn

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BCS 622 Reaper Binder
BCS mowers could not have had the success they have enjoyed if they had not gone hand-in-hand with the brilliant intuition that made these machines versatile for other uses. After cutting grass, the 622 was successfully used in cutting and binding crops in sheaves. This has led to the reaper-binder which, using the gear-engine-wheels drive of the 622 combined with a reaping and binding appliance, is transformed into a machine to reap wheat, rice, sesame, lavender, medicinal herbs, reeds and everything else that has to be cut and bound. More info: http://www.bcsagri.it

Taglio frumento con mietilega BCS
macchina con barra idraulica...... nel prossimo video la battitura

Mietitura grano con motofalciatrice Bedogni Olympia 2015

MIETITURA GRANO luglio 2 - , 2011.wmv
La mietitura del grano con mezzi d'epoca.....