Santa Pod Raceway All Time Crashes Part 1

A Selection of crashes from Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. This Drag Racing video includes Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Stock Cars, Fuel Altereds, Honda Civics, Nissan Skylines and it includes fires, explosions, accidents, wheels falling off, fails and more. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in any of these clips. We know we have missed loads and there are more to come, keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon... Well done to all of the videographers that captured the clips in this video.

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Thrills & Spills at Santa Pod Raceway
A compilation of some of the most recent Thrills & Spills that have taken place at Santa Pod Raceway, England. From Top Fuel blow-outs, high speed crashes, incredible races, flame burnouts and more. Visit the website at - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Music used: "Koke Núñez Gómez - The Titans"

Santa Pod Main event 2011. Engine explosion and car fire
These cars are highly strung machines...... this is what can happen....... the driver walked away.

Old Drag Racing Crashes - Classic and vintage crashes
Collection of crashes from VHS

Sammy Miller blows out the windows of the control tower at Santa Pod in 1982
Sammy Miller had tweaked the rocket in Vanishing Point to try and beat the 3.7 second rocket car record of Kitty O'Neil. He only managed a 4.73 but succeeded in shattering virtually every window pane in Santa Pod's control tower!!!