Chevy Vega engine Turbocharged

This is a schnieder cammed,ported Vega engine on 12 PSI Boost. It uses a Corvair Corsa turbo in a "draw through" design. The rubber hose you see expanding and contracting is just a radiator hose we used to fire it up. That is being replaced with hard tubing. The nasty idle is the cam..I am going to have to run it at about 1000 rmp idle. Boost comes on at 1200rpm. Any questions,just email me. I have been keeping Vega engines in vegas for years.

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Vega GT 2.3L SOHC 140
Cheverolet Vega GT SOHC 2.3L 140 cam operation while running with the valve cover off.

J&S Polishing's 1973 Twin Turbo Vega
J&S Polishing's 1973 Twin turbo Vega, LSx, PTE 6262, Revolutions Performance, Servion Tuning

Chevy Vega 142 super charger start up.