512 RWHP Twin Turbo 5.3

7.5 LBS of Boost. 512 horsepower. 495 torque.

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TJ's Single Turbo LS Truck
Baker Engineering Inc.

2001 Chevy Truck Twin Turbo Stock 200K Miles 5.3L Dynoed 620Hp
Truck later goes on to Dyno 665Hp at 18lb of Boost. (Stock bottom end 5.3L, 6.0L stock heads, stock cam, 200K Miles

1989 Caprice, Turbo 5.3L Vortec, PT6766, 4L80E
Three Dyno pulls with charts, 10" 3400 stall converter is slipping a bunch, the last pull, at 5700 there is 1300 rpm slip in the converter. Will see how it does on the track next month, might look at changing converters.

3100+ HP BBC twin turbo
This is Robert at Chiseled Performance's 3100+ HP BBC bad mother, twin 91mm turbo monster. Build and professionally tuned at Steve Morris Engines.