Formula 1 crashes 2010 + Bonus

New Second Channel: *COPYRIGHT BY FORMULA ONE MANAGEMENT (FOM)* - All contents belong to the Formula One Management (FOM) - I do not own any footage from this video, I only edited this video. ENJOY. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The F1 2010 crash compilation + a bonus. (Vettel winning even if I don't like him :p) FORMULA 1 2001 CRASHES: FORMULA 1 2011 CRASHES FORMUMA 1 CRASHES 2012 ROUND 1-10: GP2 CRASHES 2012 ROUND 1-6: GP2 CRASHES 2012 ROUND 7-12: GP2 CRASHES 2010: GP3 CRASHES 2012: INDYCARS CRASHES 2012 (IZOD): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my facebook page! Check out this awesome video: Follow me on Twitter:!/Adamouization -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITED BY ADAM JAAMOUR

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