Comienzo de Temporada Arecibo Motorsports 2011

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Batalla entre pistas en Arecibo Motorsports
Video de los pases de prueba en la Batalla entre Pistas. Esta confrontacion fue entre Arecibo Motorsports vs AƱasco Motorsports.

Truck recovery at Arecibo, PR
This is the recovery efforts of multiple tow trucks of different companies after a Ford Cargo 8000 fell from a 55 feet tall bridge on the express way PR 22. The causes are not yet clear, but apparently excessive speed combined with uneven pavement of the PR 22 cause the truck to loose control, hit the barrier and jump over it falling the 55 feet.

DVD intro Turbo Fest 9 abril 2011 Arecibo
Arecibo Motorsport

Pitbull vs Mustang Blanco nitroso en Puerto Rico Outlaw 10.5 Nationals
Puerto Rico Outlaw 10.5 Nationals en Arecibo Motorsports