My hot wheels collection (february 2010)

THANKS FOR 50K+ WIEWS!!!!!! My Hot Wheels collection. 160+ cars. The collection of 6 years. My oldest cars and my newest cars in 9,3 minutes. Cool gold cars. I use these cars in my stop motion videos. Hot wheels crashers, color shifters, monster jams and more.

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* Hot Wheels *
--- Das sind meine Hot Wheels ---

My Old Hot Wheels Collection
My old collection of my hotwheels and matchbox cars. Enjoy.

Shoplift (Short Film)
A short film I made in my spare time. Feel free to share my videos, but please do not alter them in any way. Please view my cool Thomas the Tank Engine video by clicking this link:

Hot Wheels collection by Zmondy.mpg
This is song : Pendulum - Spiral