My hot wheels collection (february 2010)

THANKS FOR 50K+ WIEWS!!!!!! My Hot Wheels collection. 160+ cars. The collection of 6 years. My oldest cars and my newest cars in 9,3 minutes. Cool gold cars. I use these cars in my stop motion videos. Hot wheels crashers, color shifters, monster jams and more.

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Hot Wheels cars collection 2012
my Hot Wheels cars collection as of January 2012. There are 170 altogether!! I really enjoyed setting these cars out in the lines - very theraputic!! the cars at the back are my least favorite and the cars at the front are, in my opinion, the most interesting and exciting in my collection. i have been collecting since April 2011 - at this rate i will need a bigger table!! thanks for watching :)

Racing with The Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club
A short reel featuring the awesome 50ft. race track at the Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club. The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month and the racing typically lasts past 10pm! Visit for more information about the club!

Cole├žao de carrinhos hot wheels

Hot Wheels High Speed Crash & Color Shifters
Epic crash reel intro using the Hot Wheels Speed Circuit racing set. I also look at the Color Shifters cars which change color and pattern when dipped into warm or cold water. A single youtube asked me to take a look at Hot Wheels, hopefully he now has the mother of all Hot Wheels videos to watch. This review certainly brought back some memories of Hot Wheels when I was a kid in the 70's Web Links: Music: (