Ford Focus RS vs BMW M3

Roll from 60 km/h

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Focus RS (406hp) vs M3 E46 (343hp)
Roll in 3rd gear (100 km/h) Focus RS (406hp) vs M3 E46 (343hp) Shooted from the Focus

M3 vs. Focus RS
M3 E92 races against a new Focus RS with some mods. 80-270km/h. Up to ~200km/h the Focus is faster. Mods Focus: K&N X-Stream, Pro Alloy LLK, Milltek 3" Downpipe, Milltek 3" Dekat, Bastuck VSD-Ersatz, MTB Software = 360PS, and many different mods Mods M3: Flap Valve Exhaust by 5Star-Performance

Ford Focus RS mk2 vs BMW M3 E46
Ford Focus RS mk2 running : Mountune MR375 ( inlet plenum , airbox , k&n extreme air filter , ecu remap mr375 calibration , recirculating turbo valve , Exhaust uk spec , downpipe 3" , 200cell ec sports cat , inter cooler , fuel pump) = 375ps / 369bhp. TORQUE: 404 lb fts BMW M3 E46 running : 343bhp (standard - could of been running more) TORQUE: 269 lb fts We had to let off as we were gaining too much and slowed down a bit as didn't want to get to close incase he suddenly braked / someone pulled out.