Duster 340 vs Camaro

Duster vs Camaro

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340 Duster vs big block Camaro

Round #3 Duster vs Chevelle
track shut him down to 1/8th mile only because he didnt have a driveshaft loop

ZL1 Camaro VS Plymouth Duster
Just a friendly race between a 1974 Plymouth Duster with a 440, and a supercharged 2013 ZL-1 Camaro. filmed on a deserted road.

10 sec Duster Vs 10 sec Camaro GLD 10-26-12
CPM built pump gas 367 LA in the 1974 Duster vs the Camaro LS, both on the Gun, heads up! Good Race and very close! VG vs tommygm3 10-26-12 GLD.wmv