Datto 1200 ute SLUG powerskid at Sydney Powercruise 2011

The little datto 1200 ute is one hell of a surprise package. Two Litre turbo under the bonnet (FJ20) backed up by an auto box and one hell of a crazy driver! Right at the end of the powerskid he blows the left rear tyre (you can see the rubber flying out). http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

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Cruising Incar with SLUG Datsun 1200 ute at Sydney Powercruise 2011
FJ20 turbo powered Datsun 1200 ute 'SLUG' laps during the last cruising session on Sunday at Sydney Powercruise 2011. http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

Blown VK Commodore CUTSIK burnout at Sydney Powercruise 2011
Supercharged LS1 powered VK commo 'CUTSIK' burnout during the Saturday night finals at Sydney Powercruise 2011. At the end the motor gets a little hot and the rad blows off a bit of steam, the motor wasn't hurt. http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

Flaming Blown Corolla "MONSTER" Burnout at Sydney Powercruise 2011
Nathan Allen's latest creation - MONSTER - a blown LS1 stuffed into a 1966/7 E10 corolla. Probably the smallest car you could possibly find from the 60's. Anyways as this little rolla has proven in it's short time as a burnout car, it is not adverse to a fair whack of flames! After the flames are extinguished, Nathan got back into his burnout, massive revs and plumes of smoke came to a sudden stop as the blower blew itself off the manifold! http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

ULEGAL friday night burnout at Sydney Powercruise 2011
Another tough skid by Mick Brasher in his blown Corolla ULEGAL. He backed up this burnout on Saturday (in the rain) to take out the burnout comp at Powercruise. One thing to note with the burnout pad is that it seemed to let the tyres last a whole lot longer than normal. Most of the cars seemed to be out on the pad alot longer than they normally would. In this burnout, Mick is standing on it the whole time and the tyres give the impression they are solid they last so long. http://www.modifiedcarforums.com`