ford f250 with 460 supercharged engine ...

custome engine, work custom Exhaust, a real power house . think twice about racing this guy !!!!!

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1995 F250 Vortech supercharged 460 - Test drive @ multiple throttle positions.
This is a video of acceleration pulls in my truck at varying throttle positions. My truck is equipped with a Vortech supercharged 460; other than the Supercharger, the motor is all stock. I still have the factory Exhaust manifolds, down pipes, and Y, but I have a 3" single Magnaflow muffler with a QTP Exhaust dump piped in parallel so that I can run straight pipe or muffled Exhaust. See for a video of the Exhaust.

My Vortech Supercharged F350 Drivetrain Build and Dyno
RE UPLOADED: My old beast std cab 1997 F350. Vortech supercharged 468BBF! V-1 A-trim Vortech. Kept RPM's safe and only revved it to 4500RPM. Tuned by CK Under Pressure Performance. God I miss this truck.

My 1997 F350 Supercharged 460 Start Up Vortech V-1 A-Trim (No Tune yet)
Stock F3 460 bored .040" over (468CI), Custom COMP cam, Hedman long tube headers, smog pump delete, 3" Y-pipe, into stock cat, back into dual tips, Vortech V-1 A-trim. SPEED DENSITY, no tune yet in this video.

supercharged 460 build 14:71 blower caponeauto
put to gether a 8:1 compression supercharged 460 ford(.040 over),eagle rods,forged pistons,harlandsharp roller rockers,crank turned .010-.010 bullit cam....