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Ford Cougar 2,0 16V, r.v. 1999, najeto 108 tkm, 4 airbag, aut. Klimatizace, palubní počítač, 16 alu kola, ABS, originální CD, el. stahování oken, el. ovládání zrcátek, el. seřiditelná sedala, ekologický poplatek zaplacený, STK 9/2012, přidám sadu zimních kol, atraktivní vůz,

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My Ford Cougar Tribute - 2004-2011 Alt Soundtrack
A little Video I put together documenting the 7 years I've owned my Cougar. With a different soundtrack.

|Ford Cougar|V6|Style & Sound|HD*
|Ford Cougar|V6|Style & Sound|HD*

Radiator and Fan Upgrade - Small Block Cougar / Mustang 1967-70
One of the most common issues on these old cars is overheating. The cooling systems were only designed to cope with so much, and over the years many small block engines have been bored out, hopped up, had A/C added, etc. Since Ford provided a very capable 24-inch radiator on big-block and A/C equipped cars, why not take advantage of the best factory cooling equipment available, without messing up the original look under the hood? We have all the parts you need to achieve this conversion, including our premium reproduction steel clutch fans. This video applies not only to Cougars and Mustangs, but to a wide range of classic Ford / Mercury cars and trucks. When you see a small icon picture appear in this video, you can click it to go to the pictured item on our website (if watching on a desktop computer). Otherwise, this is a good place to get started: Thanks for watching, we hope this video helps!

A/C Ford Cougar
Hacer un testeo del sistema del aire acondicionado del Cougar: 1 - Poner el contacto en la ultima posición antes de arrancar 2 - Poner la flecha del climatizador en AUTO y la de direccion del soplado hacia la luna delantera. 3 - Mantener presionadas las teclas A/C y azul a la vez, soltar la de A/C primero y luego la azul. 4 - Darle a la tecla roja.