My 2000 CTR EK9 for sale or trade on the dyno

Car made 202 whp. Spoon Sports 1.8L Crate Motor, Top Fuel Intake, Mugen Header, Spoon Sports Exhaust and more, too much to list... Car is for sell or trade on Honda-Tech Marketplace. Link to car FS/FT:

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EK9 For Sale

[ENG CC] Spoon Civic Type R EK9 260HP 900kg - full lap ONBOARD Tsukuba
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: Keiichi Tsuchiya drives the fully built Spoon Civic Type R EK9 in the "N/A vs. turbo" race. This is the qualifying time attack lap. Full race here: Spoon Civic Type R Specs: engine 1.8 kit 260HP: -high cams -lightened moving parts -fully balanced engine -Spoon prototype individual throttle bodies -Spoon prototype Full Ti Exhaust -Spoon prototype ECU Suspension: - Showa based original suspension kit F16kg R14kg - 4 pot calipers Body: - extreme weight reduction, cut out unnecessary metal panels without compromising structural integrity and rigidity - 900kg (1040kg normal) Transmission: - Spoon close mission kit - Final gear normal 4.4 Tires: - Neova Advan A032RS 195/55/R15


Civic Type R (EK9)
The legendary Civic Type R (EK9). Some information on the model, as well as a "time attack" lap. Copyright note: Footage for this video were taken from the DVD "Best Motoring - Type R Legends", property of Zig Zag Asia (America) Inc.