My 2000 CTR EK9 for sale or trade on the dyno

Car made 202 whp. Spoon Sports 1.8L Crate Motor, Top Fuel Intake, Mugen Header, Spoon Sports Exhaust and more, too much to list... Car is for sell or trade on Honda-Tech Marketplace. Link to car FS/FT:

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Integra Vs Yellow EK.
Dc2 integra vs Yellow EK Hatch

EK9 Type R B16B Dyno - J's Racing N1
Got my EK9 Dyno'd out of curiosity. The car spec is: Stock B16B J' Racing 4-2-1 manifold J's Racing N1 header back Exhaust 3" SRI with v.stack and K&N filter Fidanza Flywheel Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Car made 178.6bhp and 154nm torque

Civic Type R (EK9)
The legendary Civic Type R (EK9). Some information on the model, as well as a "time attack" lap. Copyright note: Footage for this video were taken from the DVD "Best Motoring - Type R Legends", property of Zig Zag Asia (America) Inc.

Civic Type R [ EK9 ] headlights
After all these years of trying to replicate the Civic Type R [EK9] headlights and looking on the internet about once a month to see if the authentic ones were still available, I finally decided to get them. There are quite possibly two versions of the pre-facelift EK9 headlights. 1. Stanley light gun metal chrome housing 2. Stanley dark gun metal chrome housing Characteristics of real authentic genuine Civic Type R EK9 headlights: 1. No bulb diffuser 2. No amber reflectors 3. No amber side bulb cover 4. Lens groove over where USDM would have amber reflector slots 5. Hole in reflector mirror dome for city light bulbs 6. Short (EK4 SiR uses long) city light bulb sockets 7. Light/Dark gun metal chrome colored housing that is shiny and reflective *Possibly, one of the versions of the EK4 SiR headlights also has a "light gun metal chrome" housing without bulb diffusers that looks extremely similar to the Civic Type R headlights.