Pro Stock Incar

First racing event for the AERO Lexus powered RX-7.

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Ivan Skaramuca experiences some SEVERE tire shake that destroys the Lenco transmission and rattles the driver a little bit too!

In-car view of Dave River in the River Racing Pro Stock NHRA Drag Car
Dave River making a pass in his 2010 Cobalt Pro Stock car at the 2014 NHRA races in St. Louis.

Johnny Lawson in Dale Creasy Jr's Nitro Funny Car (Q3) - NHRA Route 66 Nationals - Joliet, Ill 2009
On board with Johnny Lawson during Saturday's qualifying at the 2009 NHRA Route 66 Nationals in Joliet, Ill. Lawson wheeled the Creasy Family Motorsports fuel funny car to a 4.27 on only the fourth pass with the new McKinney car.

ProStock inside ride
MuscleCars Firehawk Racing Team in Sweden