Jeep TJ Rodeo Drive 45 degrees up

Savonlinna Finland

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Jeep TJ

2000 лошадиных сил Jeep 4x4 Off-road MADNESS
2000 лошадиных сил Jeep 4x4 Off-road MADNESS. Сумасшедшие покатушки на мощных джипах. Самые мощные автомобили для бездорожья. Monster truck. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Подпишись на канал: Поставь лайк и поделись видео с другом!)

Epic Jeep Wrangler Rollovers - Amazing Fails Must See Ending
This is the best rollover video aout there toay. Full Rolling, Flipping, screaming, clapping, and congratulation. Jeepster moto; If at first you don't succeed, roll roll again. Comend the die-hards who live off old tires and true grit. Goes to show a bad day Jeepin' is still better than a good day at work!

Jeep TJ - Mud'in Fun A few days of rain on a grassy hill
Invited some friends over to make a little mud. You can't tell in the video but, the grade is about 45% and the clay mud gets slick and sticky at the same time.