BHP Acura RSX - Stock K24 Turbo on Pump Gas

Mike from Big Hurt Performance brought his K24 turbo RSX in today for a tune.If Mike would like to come on here and release his numbers he can. It is not our place to do so

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k24a2 Rsx Turbo 428whp 10.2psi
k24a2 turbo rsx Stock 05 k24a2 longblock Full-race sidewinder Sc61 turbo kpro 880cc Tuned by Chris Miller...

Stock K20 RSX with Precision 5858 Turbo
369whp 270tq at 16psi honda acura civic integra delsol RSX EK EG DC EF hatch hatchback B16 B18 B20 K20 K24 engine Boost turbo spool precision 6262mm wastegate uppipe downpipe Intercooler fmic EBTEC Emminobuilt Emminotuned ATL Georgia KhrisH Hondata tuning tuned

First Auto Sidewinder Turbo RSX 8PSI - HD
turboed 100% Stock Motor 156k Miles with CXRacing RSX turbo kit. Open downpipe! I have not yet tried to shift while in full throttle, too scary, I feel like the trans will crap out. Maybe later. K20a3 127whp to 280whp. Next step: 16psi and trans lagg fix. CRSX Thread

Civic Si k24 turbo (all stock) 15 psi