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2013 OPM Test Day - Mistakes Compilation

2013 OPM Autosports World Famous Test Day The car: https://picasaweb.google.com/106213036764439306024/2003ShinsenSM# First time at this track. Got some great coaching from Tow Fowler of OPM (they built my car), Mark Cash and Todd Buras. On Saturday, I did not think it was a fun track. Initially, it seems overly technical - very busy - you're always working the steering wheel except for front straight. But on Sunday, after doing some sessions, I started to like it. The back section has a nice flow to it when you get the line right. And the two high speed sweepers are fun. The track is really like a skid pad - you can practice a lot of oversteer car control and in most places there is a lot of run off room - no close walls like Road Atlanta. It's actually quite a fast track but when you first drive it, it seems very technical - you need the correct line (thanks for showing me Tom !!). Personal best time of 1:23.9. Front running National SM time are low to mid 22s so I think 23.9 is not too bad for very first weekend. At least i didn't hit the wall on front straight which i'm told is a common thing when drivers try to keep car on the track at 100 mph.


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May 21, 2013 Road Atlanta Turn 1 at over 90 mph in a Mazda Miata
For best results, please view in 480p. After several years of trying, I finally maintain over 90 mph past the apex of T1 at the infamous Road Atlanta. Very hard to do and very scary. For the Tuesday May 21 session at 11:30AM when i had my best T1 attempts, it was hot, sunny, 83 deg F.

May 20, 2013 Road Atlanta, OPM's Tom Fowler Fast Lap 1:43.891
For best results, please view in 480p. May 20, 2013 Road Atlanta David Murry Track Day 10:30AM, humid, overcast, 70 deg F. OPM's Tom Fowler drives my Miata and gets an amazing 1:43.891

May 20-21, 2013 Road Atlanta, Fast Lap Compare with OPM's Tom Fowler
For best results, please view in 1080p. Comparison of my best lap time with Tom Fowler in my car. He is too fast. Slightly different track/weather conditions but i was on stickers and he wasn't :(

May 20-21, 2013 Road Atlanta, Mazda Miata Spins
For best results, please view in 480p. May 20-21, 2013 Road Atlanta, David Murry Track Days Hot, sunny, 86 deg F Spins and errors in a Mazda Miata. Road Atlanta is unforgiving. During the two days, two 911s wrecked (one rolled) and one OPM SM was badly damaged because it hit cement wall for bridge after T10B. Grass was very wet Monday morning after storms.

Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 OVER THE LIMIT - ONBOARD INSANE DRIVING by Stefano Pezzucchi
Best lap: 1.11:146 - Franciacorta International Circuit - Italy Driver: Stefano Pezzucchi - Krypton Motorsport http://www.kryptonmotorsport.com/ Visit http://www.racebooking.net to watch more videos and to watch the laptimes ranking on many more circuits and join our fantastic community! Visitate http://www.racebooking.net per vedere altri video, vedere la classifica dei tempi su tutte le piste.

Driving Instructor of the Year - Ferrari 430 Scuderia
The Ferrari 430 Scuderia: So smooth around a track, your driving instructor can check his Facebook status after barking inaudible instructions after a lap! Disclaimer - My ridiculously awesome wife was responsible for this experience and only wanted to get going because the organizers think a 10am reservation is the same as a 12:30pm one.

2012 SCCA SOLO Highlights Martin Kriz David Wampler Alex Maximov
2012 SCCA SOLO Highlights (HD) Drivers: Martin Kriz :Subaru STI ASP Class David Wampler: Subaru STI ASP Class Alex Maximov: Subaru STI SM Class This video is just a brief re-cap of our 2012 race season. Next year we look forward to going bigger and better. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us over this past season. We couldn't not have done it with out you.

Track Day at Laguna Seca - Nissan 350z - Mistakes!
December 2010 Nissan 350z Laguna Seca Mazda Speedway NCRC Mistakes during passing Point By Group

Bad day in my BMW M3 at Roebling Road
It was the last session of the day and it ended badly. I've run MANY track events at Roebling Road Raceway over 10+ years and never had the experience I had this day. On the second hot lap I was entering turn 3 no differently than any other time and prior to the apex the back end stepped out. There was no warning at all, the car just snapped to the left and before I knew it the front of the car was off the track and I was flying over the grass toward the berm on the outside of the track. Looking at the telemetry from my TraqMate system I was going about 100 MPH when I lost control; I scrubbed off some speed before hitting the berm at 60 MPH and experienced 4 Gs coming to a stop. I heard later than another car had gone off track at the entrance to turn 3 and the belief is that they brought dirt or debris onto the track which I went through later. If you listen closing you'll hear the engine rev right at the point where the back end steps out, indicating the immediate loss of grip. I don't believe I could have avoided the off track excursion as I got no warning at all that the back end was going to break lose, and I was literally "going for a ride" once I was off into the grass. Now I just hope Buddy can repair the damage...

2012 SCCA San Diego National Tour Highlights
Highlights from the Tire Rack SCCA National Tour held in San Diego California, on April 27th and 28th 2012

May 21, 2013 Road Atlanta, O'Connell Fast Lap 1:45.692
For best results, please view in 480p. May 21, 2013 Road Atlanta David Murry Track Day 2:30PM, dry, sunny, 86 deg F My best lap: 1:45.692 This is 1.3 sec SLOWER than my best time of 1:44.362 in Nov 2012 (57 deg F) so i am a bit disappointed.

2014-03-08 Buttonwillow 13CW - Track Spin-Off - 97 Honda Prelude
March 8, 2014 Track/Config: Buttonwillow 13CW Date/Group: 3-8-14 - Speed Ventures Black Group When apexing on the turn Club Corner, the engine power faltered (at 0:46) causing the initial over steer as the weight transferred to the front. After correcting the over steer with no engine power, the engine fully stalled (at 0:49) causing the engine to brake harder and forcing the car into over steer once again. This time, it could not be corrected. It turned out that the ignition coil had disconnected itself causing the engine to power down.

Jaguar XJR-15 in car footage - Justin Law driving on the limit
Justin Law showing how to drive an XJR-15 on the limit, at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 2013. What an awesome car and driver! Find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supercarDRIVER

2011-12-29 Roebling Road Event
2011-12-29 Roebling Road Event

SCCA Majors race1 @ Auto Club Speedway, Jan 2013, F-production Miata
from the grill opening of the F-production Miata driven by Steve Hussey. It was a damp track, but slick tires were the choice of most. There are a few times where the lens gets dirty, but it comes back a bit. Thanks to: Mazdaspeed, Jesse Prather Motorsports, Hoosier Tires, Red Line Oil, Carbotech Brakes and SCCA corner workers!

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