BMW interior trim "Tailor made" E92 M3

Diverse BMW modellen bekleed met verschillende materialen, leder, Alcantara ect

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8 things I love about the BMW M3 E92
I owned a E92 M3 for 5 years so lets look at 8 things I love about them and 8 things I don't love so much. My videos are for entertainment only. Find me on FB here Find me on Twitter here Find me on Instagram here My email address is

BMW E92 M3 Reliability 133,000+ Mile. Cost, Repairs, & Maintenance
BMW E92 M3 Reliability 100,000+ Miles. Cost, Repairs, and Maintenance! Follow Me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

BMW E90 3 Series Shifter and Shifter Boot Removal and Installation DIY
How to remove the shifter boot, selector lever display on a BMW E90 3 series. This video was made per a subscriber request. This is a relatively easy procedure. Make sure to pull straight up and do not twist the handle as twisting will cause damage to the shift handle.

Top 5 Mods for BMW E92 M3
There’s no question that the E92 M3 is an outstanding car as it came from the factory. There are, however, a few tweaks, that can unleash the beast that’s within Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: