Cosworth STi 550 hp 100 - 200 km/h ca. 6 sec

06 Sti with mods: fully built cosworth engine with sleevs, TSR-70 twinscroll turbo, Pectel ecu, 548 hp without racing fuel, tuned by

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Subaru wrx STI CEA6266 1,7Bar 550hp 0-225km/h
Kelford cams 282/278, Precision CEA6266, Fic1100, stock ecu.

Subaru Impreza Cosworth
Subaru Impreza STI 500hp+

Mine's R34 GTR vs Cosworth STI Touge Battle
BEST MOTORING - American Touge 3 INTIAL D TOUGE RULES - - Lead and follow tandem, no passing. - Leader wins if gap increases. Follower wins if gap is reduced. Mine's R34 GTR -- 2.6ltr I6 590hp 1450kg (3196lb) Dynocomp STI -- 2.5ltr F4 620hp 1480kg (3262lb)

Subaru WRX STI-S 2011 (500hp) - acceleration 100-200 km/h
GTX3076r rotated setup, Perrin FMIC, Big Valves, etc... Please note that the video is filmed at 30 fps, so the tenths of a second are not in scale of 100 but 30 (every 30 frames 1 second): 6.23 represents 6.77 (in cents of seconds) and 6.25 represents 6.83 (in cents of seconds). This video has been filmed on the track. Do not attempt on public or open roads. Please take a look at the old video with 400hp: