2011 Mustang GT 5.0 Vs. C4 Corvette

Facebook Fanpage! http://www.facebook.com/L4MBORGH1NI this is a race between a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 and a C4 Corvette, on an abandoned airstrip quarter mile.

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The Best C4 Corvette Ever Made....
1989 to 1991 to some was the pinnacle of the C4 Corvettes. Fast, old school engine, and new technology. This is one of them. This 1990 Corvette is owned by my friend Andy. It makes 245hp and 345lbs torque. It's a 4 speed automatic. It was a blast to drive. If you're interested in inquiring about the car, email andy at AndystuntsYT@yahoo.com It's a very solid car. No issues with it mechanically at all. Definetley a good time and worth looking at if you are looking to buy a C4 Corvette. IG: www.instagram.com/jimbestjimbo FB:www.facebook.com/jimboschannel605 TWEET: www.twitter.com/@JimbosChannel Music: https://soundcloud.com/engelwoodmusic https://soundcloud.com/aricogle

Pontiac G8 GT Vs. C4 Corvette
Facebook Fanpage! http://www.facebook.com/L4MBORGH1NI This is a race between a Pointiac G8 GT Vs. a C4 Corvette, on a quarter mile abandoned airstrip

Bolt ons Mustang GT vs Stock Corvette
2005 Mustang GT: 4.6l, Bama tune, cold air intake, stock manifolds to catless H pipe and Boom Tube "mufflers". 1995 Corvette C4: stock LT1 5.7l, K&N air filter (no cold air intake), eBay air foil.

Mustang vs C4 Corvette
My stock 92 C4 vs a coworkers stock 13' Mustang GT; 5.0. On paper the Mustang is faster. I think the outcome of this video was a result of driver vs driver