Summer iREV at MIR - Street Fighter Qualifying (Mazworx, TD Autowerks, Eddie Bello)

Summer iREV (Import Revolution) at MIR 7/29/12 Street Fighter Qualifying Rounds 1 and 2 Mark Mazurowski in the Mazworx 240 was #1 Qualifier with a 8.66 @ 162mph Thanks to Jason Miller and Maryland International Raceway for putting on another fantastic event Videos brought to you by

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ICS Performance Eddie Bello's Porsche 964 Turbos 1,300hp
Eddie Bello's 964 made 1239whp today at ICS Performance... So loud I could hold the camera steady... Unbelievable

RADAZONE.COM Accidente Eddie Bello Salinas Speedway PR 2014

sr24det quick spool valve
I was just making sure there was no clearance issues with the sound performance quick spool valve installed. I had to port the turbo manifold flange and the turbo housing flange some in order for the butterfly to not hit or bind. In the video it does seem to have a metal on metal sound as if there were a clearance issue but I (off camera) opened it very slow to see if this was the case and looked very close at different angles and there is plenty of room. The noise is the shaft and retaining pin has some side to side movement when opening. Mostly Im just posting this to add to my build threads. The engine is a s13 sr20det sleeved and bored to 90mm and stroked to 92mm making 2.35L and is 10:1 compression. The turbo manifold is a hybrid dynamics (what mazworx is now). The turbo is a garrett 2871r with the .82 twinscroll turbine housing.

Eddie Bello's Porsche on the Dyno
Eddie Bello's 1994 Twin turbo Porsche on the HP Logic Mustang Dyno. Low Boost tuning on Ignite Ethanol Race Fuel.