BLK40T Twin Turbo E85 1UZ V8 Ford Capri x275 Radial Race 4 Real 22/8/2012 Sydney Dragway

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BLK40T Twin Turbo 4L 1UZ V8 Ford Capri Race 4 Real Sydney Dragway 26/9/2012
275 M/T ET Streets, 3220lbs, Twin 62mm turbo's @ 30psi

8-sec 1100hp+ Twin Turbo 1UZ E85 Capri Test & Tune Sydney Dragway 17/12/2011

BLK40T Twin Turbo 1UZ 4L Ford Capri Sydney Dragway 16/5/2015
full street trim, United pump E85, 275 M/T ET Street, driven to and from the track

Australian 2015 Mustang 6-speed manual base stock dyno run, SCT x4 power and Ghost camtune
Aussie Mustang 6-speed manual stock tune 224rwkw/304hp-229rwkw/311rwhp SCT x4 tune only 241rwkw/327rwhp plus mild Ghost cam tune through stock headers, cats, Exhaust run done in Shoot8 mode 15km/sec