Rod Blows tire Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 3rd Annual Raschke Burnout Contest

Rod (at age 70) doing a burnout in his Lincoln LSC Mark 8 until the tire blew. You can see peaces of the tire flying at about 25 seconds.

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Nick Raschke 1972 Dodge Demon at 3rd Annual Raschke Burnout Contest
383/Auto/4.10:1 Posi. Nick has NEVER drove this car "easy" unless there was a cop behind him, LOL & some time, not even then.

Andy's Lincoln Mark VII LSC at 3rd Annual Raschke Burnout Contest
By the time Andy started his burnout, the drive was so sticky from VHT & rubber that when you walked on it, it almost sucked your shoes off. He got it going good.

1976 Lincoln Mark IV Driving Video
I would have liked to recorded some video at the show, but they did not want me recording video.

Lincoln mark vii se burn out
Bone stock mark vii burn out deleted cats flow masters dumped off. It's a 90 lsc se. Paid 800 dollars pulled motor for 351 5 speed