Toyota Starlet, and Datsun 1200 Rotary Engine, Turbo Alcohol, Very Fast.

Fast pass, Datsun 1200, Rotary turbo Alcohol, Is very Fast, Forget V8 Rotary Power Rules,

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Nanciely Lopez Racing's '82 Toyota Starlet powered by a Mazda 13B Rotary 88mm turbo and piloted by Daniel Lopez at RT66 Friday Night Test n Tune first run off the trailer results in a 7.74@174.53MPH. Second pass later that night Daniel runs 7.88@173.03MPH. 7-25-14

Rotary Turbo Corolla Titan's Toy
Clips of my uncle's Toyota Corolla running with a 13b turbo rotary engine. He has a fiberglass front end... looking sexy! ;-)


CONCEPT WANKEL MOTOR PT1.mp4 Part 1 of the 25 minute animation of the Concept Wankel Motor was produced using CAD data from the customer with texts and storyboard written and spoken by myself using Cinema 4D. The final version including all the spoken texts was hurriedly finished overnight after some last minute unexpected changes by the customer and delivered 200km away from my offices in Germany for an exhibition. This meant that the 25 minute animation was not completed to my full satisfaction, nor was it in the quality desired by myself. The animation was in 768x576 pixels for showing on DVD. The music "Follow design" was composed by Mel O´Dee - Heiko Klüh: You can license this track at: k3k-XX0YHqS178wVf1A/