2012 Jeep JK & Jeep XJ Offroad

2012 Wrangler on 35" tires & 1998 Cherokee on 31" tires.

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1998 Jeep XJ Offroad
Jeep XJ is lifted with 31" MT tires.

Offroading 1998 Jeep Cherokee
Having some fun offroading and mudding at Cliffs Insane Terrain.

Jeep JK Cherry Pop and Rescue
The new 08' JK Jeep with less than 1500 miles get it's cherry popped. Hey it's a lifetime powertrain warranty. There were suspected critters in this hole but not confirmed.

Jeep Cherokee XJ and Wrangler TJ Off Road
Me and a buddy at Brown Mountain OHV outside Lenior, NC. Just a few clips from the day.