Mitsubishi Montero Sport extreme offroading

My friend in his Montero back in the day. Pay attention to when he goes up on two wheels, I was sittin shotgun and it was pretty intresting.

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71 Thunderbird dyno run 2
The second Dyno run of the 429 T-Bird. T-Beast wants to break free and run in this one, pay attention at the end my friends and I notice that the rear tire is donuting, the speed was readin 140mph on stock 1971 rims.

Raleigh, NC streetracing scene R32 Skyline GT-R
Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC has pretty good streetracing scene if you know where to go. Lots of good muscle, import and high-performance. R32 Skyline GT-R with RB26DETT well modified.

Friend's 1971 Thunderbird 429ci Thunder Jet dyno
My friend's beast 71 T-Bird on the Dyno at a Nissan and Datsun Z car Dyno day at Carolina Auto Masters in Durham, NC, the guys that were on Pinks a while back. Its a stock 429 Thunder Jet V8. Some of the Z guys were talkin some shit before she ran. Made 215 HP and 380 Ft Lbs, not bad for 30+ years old. New in '71 should be about 310 HP.

1966 Mustang and modified 1983 Datsun 280zx burning out
My friends 66 Stang and my brothers 83 280zx.