AW55-51SN / RE5F22A Transmission Part 3

These are the most common mistakes while working on this unit if you're not familiar with it. Basically I shared these videos for other tranny builders that have'nt worked on these unit yet. I'm proud to say that many of you are not transmission rebuilders, but own a vehicle that has this unit in it, and are takleing the common issues and resolving them. This is the purpose to this follow up video, to share with you the common mistakes and how to avoid them. if you are not familiar with this unit I suggest that you take pictures of it so you can go back and use them as refferance points. If anything has any adjustments to it, please measure it before you disassamble it. Please take notes...Thank you! SUBSCRIBE above, click the like button and leave your comments bellow. Thanks, enjoy.

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AW55-51SN / RE5F22A Transmission Teardown Inspection - Transmission Repair
This is a transmission of a 2005 Nissan Maxima. On this video you will see the common problem that are associated with this unit. Although there is rumors out there that a simple valve body swap or new solenoids or even a shift kit will cure your problem, here we see the opposite. I know that 50% of your shifting issues can be solenoid and valve body related, but some drivers push their cars to the limit causing severe damage as you can see here.

AW55-51SN / RE5F22A Transmission Solenoid Repair PART 1
Here I have a valve body of a Nissan Maxima with trouble code P0780 Shift. It has hard upshifts and downshifts. Would neutralize on a 4-2 kickdown with a hard bang when hot. Has hard engagements on reverse and foreward with double bump. Now you'll se the installation of a correction kit to resolve this issue. It's a Transgo Shift kit that you can purchase from your local transmission parts supplier. This is part 1, which is the most important. But also watch part 2, since thats the valve body teardown and assembly with the new parts from the kit. You will also need valve body gaskets so you need to purchase seperatly and a pan gasket.

AW55-50SN / RE5F22A Transmission - The Symptoms - The Repair

Reno partes- VENTA SOLENOIDES AW55-50/ 09G volvo equinox bora
(33)15-62-10-20..Venta Solenoides vectra, volvo, equinox, bora, audi.