TRANSLOGIC 6.3: Biodiesel

We head to New Leaf Biofuels to see how used cooking oil can be refined to create biodiesel that can power your ride. We also sit down with New Leaf President and CEO Jennifer Case for a discussion of the history and future of this alternative fuel.

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How It's Made - Biodiesel Production
Methes Energies hosts the How It's Made team to film the production of biodiesel. For more information, visit and

Trident Iceni bio diesel supercar driven by Jonny Smith
Part of the launch campaign for Nokia's N96 phone, Jonny Smith presented a mini series of 96 second downloadable documentaries called Capsule N96 Cabin Fever. Other presenters involved in the project included design guru Wayne Hemingway, fashion focused actress Margo Stilley, tech head David Phelan, drag comedian Jonny Woo and designer Ben de Lisi. Click for more.

BioDiesel Processor
This is my BioDiesel Processor and Methanol Recovery Unit.