Rootbeercadi on 30s

cadillac 2009 con rines 30s

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Escalade on 30s with dub tires 275/25/30
Florida boi on 30s in his escalade ext, with sound system with the new dub tires 275/2530

nice nice!!

Tuning a Escalade in MS Paint
-=READ THIS=- I made this in 2006 when I was about 15-16yo and in this video the WHOLE idea was to use MS PAINT (like in description) just because it´s not created to tune/modify/style, call it whatever you want, vehicles. So no stupid comments please! EDIT: Thanks for all the nice comments and support! :) • Programs Used: ° Microsoft Paint ° Windows Movie Maker ° My Screen Recorder (Trial) • Music: YoutubeError when replacing songs, song might pend between these two: ° Leonid Rudenko - Summerfish 2009 (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Radio Edit) FYI. Im now using Photoshop CS6 on daily bases.. - Thanks for watching, don´t forget to rate! ๏̯͡๏) ~•° 2007 °•~∞~•° MyTube1338 °•~ ~•° Contact: °•~

Escalade on 30's Asanti!! Solid carclub JAPAN
"Da Wild Player 2" cadi escalade ext Solid carclub