5.4 powered crown vic 5 speed manual

the 5.4 in action with bolt ons

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Turbo Crown Victoria 8psi
Custom single turbo kit, All Precision, Tial and Treadstone stuff.Just running eight pounds until I can get to a Dyno.

5.0 mustang vs 5 speed crown Vic

Terminator Cobra powertrain swaped Crown Vic, driving around
Not my car, so I can't help with any technical questions. Zombiceptor's 2005 Crown Vic. Engine and transmission from a 2003 Cobra.

5.4 Triton swapped P71 Crown Victoria
2002 Ford Crown Victoria with 2-valve 5.4 engine from 2005 E-350 swapped in. 3.73 gears. J-modded 4r70w. Flowmaster 50's. Recorded on Palm Pre Cell phone in 2010.