5.4 powered crown vic 5 speed manual

the 5.4 in action with bolt ons

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Terminator Cobra powertrain swaped Crown Vic, driving around
Not my car, so I can't help with any technical questions. Zombiceptor's 2005 Crown Vic. Engine and transmission from a 2003 Cobra.

Turbo Crown Victoria 8psi
Custom single turbo kit, All Precision, Tial and Treadstone stuff.Just running eight pounds until I can get to a Dyno.

5.0 mustang vs 5 speed crown Vic

New toy for my Crown Vic Police Interceptor!
Welcome back to another video! ~CAN WE GET 20 LIKES?!~ Bought some new fog lights or "rally lights" for my Vic and thought I'd show you guys what my favorite options, as far as looks are. So far option 4 , or the option with the lights in the grill near the Ford logo, is my favorite look so far. However I want to hear what option you guys think I should go with or just you'r favorite look in general! And as always if you enjoyed make sure to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE! ================================= ~Instagram: www.instagram.com/Notorious_cvpi/ - ~HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!~ - ~SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!~ - ~ Link to the lights : http://www.autozone.com/exterior-lighting/driving-light/blazer-driving-ligh t-kit/544340_0_0 - ~Music used (no copyright): 1st song: Jeff Kaale (X I X X) - Strawberry 2nd song: Jeff Kaale (X I X X) - Strawberry - =================================