Audi 10vt on megasquirt

rough idle. owners dog is even here :p haha

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MegaSquirt on Audi 200 (KG)

Audi 10vt powered by VEMS
Finally it sounds nice and healthy!:)

MegaSquirt First Start
Getting the '65 Econoline pickup started using MegaSquirt to manage a Chevy TBI (throttle body injection) system on the original '65 Ford 240 ci engine. The distributor from a 1989 Ford F150 300 ci was a direct drop-in replacement and let me marry the Ford TFI ignition system and MegaSquirt. Inside the MS box is a MicroSquirt PNP system originally built for use on a Toyota 3sfe engine, but I adapted it to work with the TBI & TFI systems on the 240. It's been quite a learning experience with a ton of reading. Not for the faint of heart, but I think it will give the old truck a nice performance Boost.

Audi 200 10V 1B with Motronic
Audi 200 10V '90 Exclusive 1B with Motronic