American Sunday Zandvoort 2012 Tracktime.mp4

'67 pro-touring Mustang & '69 pro-touring Camaro on the seaside circuit of Zandvoort during American Sunday

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Fast-Car Festival Zandvoort 2012 Onboard '67 Mustang with GPS overlays
2012-06-17 Zandvoort, Fast-Car Festival. Onboard footage of track session 6 with GPS/laptime overlays. 1967 Ford Mustang fastback with mild home build 347, home build 4R70W transmission, lots suspension/handling/braking upgrades. Visit the cars website on

Part 1 of a track session on the Zandvoort seaside race track during the 2010 American Sunday event. Car is my '67 Mustang fastback with homebuilt 347 and 2002 4R70W transmission.

Race@Airport Bottrop 2011 Onboard 1967 Mustang fastback
Onboard videos from my passes at the Race@Airport Bottrop dragraces. 1967 Ford Mustang fastback with homebuild 347, '02 4R70W transmission and plenty of other mods. No track prep and 225/50x16 street radials = no grip :-)

American Sunday 2010 Track-Time '67 Mustang fastback vs '68 Firebird down main straight .avi
'67 Mustang fastback with mild homebuild 347 (Camshaft Innovations hydraulic roller cam, 6000rpm peak HP, 750rpm smooth idle with 16" of vacuum, out-of-the-box Holley Street Avenger carb, Canfield cylinder heads) and '02 4R70W transmission. Chasing a 461cui 550HP '68 G-Machine Pontiac Firebird down the main straight of the seaside circuit of Zandvoort, Netherlands during the 2010 American Sunday event.