Let's Play Viper Racing For No Damn Reason At All

Vroom vroom! Not going in the Simulator playlist despite it's grandiose claims. This game is chock full of WTF, OMFG, ZUH?, and WOOT. So I just thought I'd share it with you. For no raisins. NO RAISINS. SHIT YEAH! Oh yeah, song at about 4 minutes in is Axiom by the band Rancid.

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Let's Play Silent Storm - 62 (Into The Eye Of The Storm, Pew Pew, Fin)
Oh no oh god oh shit oh fuck oh god oh shi-- wait what? This isn't so hard. This is easy-peasy! We can do thi-- oh my what is that large unfortunate thing happening to the universe. And so on. Some final thoughts, some sweet sweet lovin', and a harmonica solo. Booya. Thanks for playing!

Let's Play Rome Total War - 99 (I Got 99 Problems But A Spain 'Aint One, Hit Me)
Boom-chika-boom UH! What. Word to ya motha. Oh and some ACCIDENTAL CHEESE WOOPSIE.

Viper Racing for PC Review and Crashes
Today we take a look at viper racing for the pc. Review Rating: 9/10 - Awesome

Retro PC Gaming 2: Viper racing, 1998 by Monster Games
As a sunday treat, here's a series of 11 short videos about old PC games, and how they got me started with PC gaming. Many PC games was released on the Atari ST and the Amiga as well, so I've mostly played games on these, and used the old 286 or the P2 for dull things, like Works-documents. There's no particular order in which the games are presented. Music: Midi-file from Settlers by Blue Byte