Let's Play Viper Racing For No Damn Reason At All

Vroom vroom! Not going in the Simulator playlist despite it's grandiose claims. This game is chock full of WTF, OMFG, ZUH?, and WOOT. So I just thought I'd share it with you. For no raisins. NO RAISINS. SHIT YEAH! Oh yeah, song at about 4 minutes in is Axiom by the band Rancid.

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Viper Racing (PC, 1998) - Funny race
Back to my early childhood when I played this game to death - Viper Racing, developed by MGI and released by Sierra in 1998. I used to hit the opponents with horn balls all the time and in this video I do the same exact thing and I explain some stuff about the game as well. Enjoy!

Viper Racing (1998) Gameplay 2016

Viper Racing by Monster Games (1998) - Silicon Classics #6
An in-depth retro review of Viper Racing by Monster Games, one of the most realistic driving simulators of the 90s. Includes a brief history of the sim racing genre, footage of the Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback wheel, and info about the dedicated online community that still supports Viper Racing in 2016.

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