Let's Play Viper Racing For No Damn Reason At All

Vroom vroom! Not going in the Simulator playlist despite it's grandiose claims. This game is chock full of WTF, OMFG, ZUH?, and WOOT. So I just thought I'd share it with you. For no raisins. NO RAISINS. SHIT YEAH! Oh yeah, song at about 4 minutes in is Axiom by the band Rancid.

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Let's Play Rome Total War - 99 (I Got 99 Problems But A Spain 'Aint One, Hit Me)
Boom-chika-boom UH! What. Word to ya motha. Oh and some ACCIDENTAL CHEESE WOOPSIE.

Let's Play Silent Storm - 62 (Into The Eye Of The Storm, Pew Pew, Fin)
Oh no oh god oh shit oh fuck oh god oh shi-- wait what? This isn't so hard. This is easy-peasy! We can do thi-- oh my what is that large unfortunate thing happening to the universe. And so on. Some final thoughts, some sweet sweet lovin', and a harmonica solo. Booya. Thanks for playing!

Let's Hang Out And Play Nintendo - TMNT IV: LPers In Time
EL UNO JEFE? GRIM GRAMS? HANGIN OUT, PLAYIN' NINTENDO? Grimith lives HERE: http://www.youtube.com/grimithr Yes. This will be a recurring series in a playlist of Grimsauce and I bustin our oldschool moves in some 2 player SNES games. Booya. For this one: It's LPERS IN A HALF SHELL! We share a ... MILDLY competitive session in which one of us gets totally and completely pwned by the other at about 32 minutes in. Be sure to send Grimith messages consoling him and telling him how much of a valiant effort he put forth in an unwinnable battle against the All Mighty Perfect Turtle Jesus that is Jef.

Let's Play Silent Storm - 60 (Single File, One At A Time, Carefully Now, No Shoving)
Okay maybe SOME shoving. Shove that Kate bitch around. Yeah.