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1998 Autotrader RAC BTCC Silverstone Round 4 From Eurosport TV.
This My Old VHS Tape Long Time Ago! and You see Eurosport on Logo!....I'm Deaf that why! and I need subtitles on Youtube! Eurosport never took subtitles!

BTCC Silverstone 1992 Round 15
The Championship Decider with the famous Cleland / Soper clash...

BTCC Crash Compilation #3 (1992-1995)
The third part of the British Touring Car Championship Crash Compilation. This part contains crashes from 1992 until 1995. Upcoming episodes will feature newer crashes. The footage featured in this video was not used for commercial goals and no copyright infringement was intended. It is the same case with the song in the background (Social Distortion - Story of my Life) and the commentary by Murray Walker.

BTCC 2000 Rounds 11 & 12 - Silverstone
BBC Grandstand coverage of round 11 & 12 of the 2000 British Touring Car Championship, held at Knockhill.