Lane Challenged Driver Has Bad Day

Cited for crossing the center line

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Red Truck Idiot
Guy nearly hit a rider. If you have seen this video it's because it was on my other channel for a couple months. no tags but It still had about 1,700 views. It had the same name "Red Truck Idiot" It was listed as embedded or linked on forums listed below. May 12, 2010 158 May 11, 2010 291 May 09, 201 - 637 Apr 27, 111 Apr 01, 2010 46 Mar 29, 2010

Ducati Crash in Front of Cop
Rider on a 2008 Ducati 848 losses the front and lowsides in front of the California Highway Patrol. The CHP officer checked the rider for injuries and offered first aid. Rider had some minor road rash but was otherwise ok. Road was clean, temp was in 60s. Rider was not cited.

the snake.......

RIP siR! :'(Mar 5, 2011 2:04 PM
CHP trying to pushh my 1500lb civic out of the way! Lol