Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

1973 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Shelby Cobra vs Alfa Romeo GT 2000 [Niko87]

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior restoration
Its first testdrive after a full restoration of two years.This is an GT 1300 Giulia Bertone,sold in Pisa Italy wayback in 1975. After this testdrive the engine was checked (carburators) and the front springs were replaced by new ones.And then...... after a short time we sold the car! The reason that we sold the Bertone was a beautiful Alfa Spider Duetto restorationproject that was stood at a local Alfa garage. So after only a few kms driving with his fabiolus Bertone it went to a new owner. Now almost a year later the restoration of the Alfa spider 1600 Duetto (67)is a fact! This restoration is almost done ( febr-march 2009) and can be seen at Cu Roger

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior Awesome sound!! 1080p HD
I recorded this beautiful Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior during Auto Moto Italia 2010 in Houten (The Netherlands). Awesome sound..

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sprint GT sound!! 1080p HD
Last sunday I recorded this Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sprint GT on circuit Spa Francorchamps during Spa Italia 2011. This Alfa is one of my favorite classic cars of all time. The sound if great and they are very fast as well. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment behind. /Hans