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FSDC Hot Road 180sx Drift Machine Check
Front Street presents the machine check of our hot road 180sx. This car represents a period correct styled 180sx/240sx/s13. Although the 1jz engine deviates from the roots of the car, it was employed to allow for the most reliability for the vehicles current operation. We want people to understand the goal of this car is to be as simplistic, robust and drive-able as possible. In turn this why you will see mostly newly engineered suspension parts, which are readily available if and when replacements need be. We do not condone anyone attempt to recreate or reenact any acts that this video may or may not elude or suggest. All driving was done on closed courses all proper safety and legal precautions were taken in the making of this film. Attempting to recreate or reenact any "stunts" or "maneuvers" can result in serious injury or death to the drivers and/or spectators. We do not own any of the music used in the production of this film. Songs used are, inorder. Baby Ford - Westway Ben Klock - Subzero

Gp Sports 180sx Works Matsui(only videos)
Gp sports body kit for 180sx. One of the rarest because of its high price about 10k. VIDEO LINKS: 00:00-00:20 00:20-00:52 0050-01:15 01:15-02:24 02:24-03:12 03:12-03:34 PThe Nissan 180SX is a fastback automobile that was produced by Nissan Motors between 1988 and 1998. It is based on the S13 chassis from the Nissan S platform with the variants receiving an R designation (ex. RS13 and RPS13), and was sold exclusively in Japan paired with the CA18 motor in the early models; later models paired with the SR20 motor. Outside Japan it was re-badged as the 200SX[1] and in the US market as the Nissan 240SX paired with the single overhead cam KA24E motor and later with the dual-overhead model KA24DE. The 180SX was built and sold by Rickards racing as a sister model to the Nissan Silvia from model year 1989 through 1998, but sold at two different Japanese Nissan dealerships. The Silvia was sold at Nissan Prince Store, and the 180SX was sold at Nissan Bluebird Store locations. In Japan, the 180SX replaced the Gazelle. The S13 Silvia was discontinued in 1993, but the 180SX was successful enough to convince Nissan to keep it in the market for the full length of the next generation Silvia (S14). The 180SX differed from the S13 Silvia in that it featured pop-up headlamps and a liftgate with different body work at the rear of the vehicle. Specifications and equipment were similar; however, the naturally aspirated CA18DE engine was not offered.[2] The name 180SX was originally in reference to the 1.8 liter displacement CA18DET engine used in the chassis. In 1991, however, the engine was upgraded to a 2.0 liter model, offered in two forms: the naturally aspirated SR20DE engine and the turbocharged SR20DET variant. Although the new engine was of larger displacement, the 180SX nomenclature remained. 180SX was also a trim level of the S110 Silvia in Europe. The badges for this model read "Silvia 180SX", so this car is not properly a 180SX by model, but a version of the Silvia instead. Other discrepancies from this standard were distributed to Micronesia and South Pacific islands, including LHD cars with 180SX badges and non-retractable headlamps.


Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT with GP SPORTS 180SX(RPS13) 東京ビッグサイト 2013 大江戸フリージャムにて。