Ford Probe Advert

Ford Probe Advert, blue 24v with Chris Rea- you can go your onw way.

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Ford Probe Advert 2
Later probe advert

Ford Probe Advert - Very GOOD !!! (FULL)
Ford Probe Advert - Very GOOD !!!

1993 Ford Probe Introduction- Dealer Training Video
Introducing Ford sales people to the 1993 Ford Probe, which went on to win the 1993 Motor Trend Car of the Year award

The Ford Our God
1994 advert for the Ford Probe, rated U. It pops up on a few UK rental VHS tapes on occasion. This one's very cool, and has some awesome music. Animals roam free on the plains while the Ford Probe cruises along Africa, driven by the coolest man in the world, who cares about nothing but the open road. Seriously, this puts "Circle of Life" to shame.