Ford Probe Advert

Ford Probe Advert, blue 24v with Chris Rea- you can go your onw way.

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Ford Probe Advert 2
Later probe advert

Ford Probe Advert - Very GOOD !!! (FULL)
Ford Probe Advert - Very GOOD !!!

Ford Probe Top Gear (RARE)
Ford probe review featuring the famous knicker elastic line. I am the finder of the video and its thanks to me and no one else that it is now available.

Ford Advert (UK) 1986
Ford - Cars With a Future. Seemingly endless 2 minute commercial that displays Ford's entire range. Included are such classics as the white Escort XR3i driven by a blonde, shifty looking car thieves with perms and that well remembered 'Supercar', the Ford Sierra Cosworth. They don't make 'em like they used to, and you'll be glad of that after watching this.