Aerial view of an atomic bomb explosion

This is an aerial shot from Operation Buster Jangle shot Easy. November 5, 1951 detonated in Area 7 of the Nevada Test Site. 31 KT. A very famous shot. See it in "Atomic Filmmakers." Silent.

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First Soviet hydrogen bomb test (1953)
Purchase of footages and offers, contact us - Date: 12/08/1953 | Type: Tower 30m | Yield: 400kt Joe-4 was the fifth Soviet nuclear test and demonstrated the use of fusion in a weaponizable design known as the Sloika or "Layer Cake" design. The device obtained nearly all of its yield from fission and was limited for practical purposes to yields of less than 1Mt. The RDS-6s warhead used a U-235 fissile core surrounded by alternating layers of lithium-6 deuteride spiked with tritium, and a uranium fusion tamper inside a high explosive implosion system. Though not a true thermonuclear weapon the USSR claimed it was, and in conjunction with the fact that it was air-deliverable caused considerable embarasment to the US. The US did not successfuly test a deliverable thermonuclear bomb untill 1954.

Crossroads Baker
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Bomb atom jika diledakkan dilaut!!!!
test bonb atom yang dilakukan oleh soviet

Operation Teapot Atomic Explosions HD
Collection of four previously unreleased footage capturing the detonation of some atomic bombs during Operation Teapot in 1955 at the Nevada Test Site. One is known as ESS for Effects Sub Surface and one is shot BEE. No sound. For more scenes of Atomic Bomb explosions in HD, see the new 70th Anniversary Tribute Edition of "Trinity and Beyond - the Atomic Bomb Movie." Buy the BluRay exclusively at the Atomic Store: ry-special-edition/ Buy or Rent the Special Edition download: