24th August 2004: Ten second street car BMW M Coupe

MrBlonde's BMW M Coupe turbo does a ten second pass and is street legal in NSW, Australia. The last pass for the M Coupe in it's Phase 4.2 trim and the first full power pass with slicks. After this pass the M Coupe had to be fitted with an ANDRA spec six point rollcage and a number of other technical modifications.

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28th Jul 2004: M Coupe Phase 4.1 at WSID
Passes 34, 35 and 36 at WSID. Car in Phase 4.1 trim, raceweight 3093 lbs.

11th Aug 2004: Last passes on street radials
MrBlonde races his BMW M Coupe turbo for the last time on street radials at Sydney's WSID drag strip. The M Coupe was in Phase 4.2 trim and this is the last time it was raced without slicks. You can see the M Coupe catching it's opponent in the top end when it gets traction.

BMW Nationals 2009
A bunch of ACT guys at the BMW Nationals in NSW. Australia.

10 second street supra
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