1998 dodge neon rt srt swap


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Oil in spark plug tubes? Misfire? Power Loss? 2002
How to repair oil in spark plug tubes on a 2002 Dodge Neon Also complete walk-through of how to take apart and repair, ignition coil, valve cover, spark plugs, spark plug tubes, spark plug tube seals,

How to replace lower right motor mount Dodge and Plymouth Neon 2000-2005
In this video I am replacing the right lower motor mount on my 2001 Dodge noeon

How to install the left upper motor mount Dodge and Plymouth Neon 2000 thru 2005
In this video I am installing the upper left motor mount in my 2001 Dodge neon, I had to remove my battery,battery tray, air filter housing to acess this motor mount, I had to use two jacks one to raise and lower the engine as I removed some of the bolts, and the other jack on the left front tire side to make adjustments as I worked.

Dodge Neon RT walkaround. Exterior, Interior, Engine
Walk around of my 2003 Dodge Neon R/T after being washed.